Top 10 Reasons I Hate My Hearing Aids

Top 10 reasons I hate my hearing aids. If these apply to you, we can help.

  1. They whistle
  2. When it’s noisy I can’t hear
  3. I hear people at the next table but I can’t hear the person next to me
  4. I can’t hear movies and shows on TV
  5. Everything is loud but not clear
  6. I have to take out my hearing aids to hear on the phone
  7. They pick up the racket around so I can’t hear the person next to me
  8. I go to religious services and lectures and still can’t keep up
  9. I can’t hear in a restaurant
  10. When I’m outside I hear wind noise


Contact us today at 1-800-742-7551 so we can help you hear better. The solution may be as simple as reprogramming your hearing aids. We have the software and equipment for all of the major manufactures. Speech and Hearing Associates’ audiologists take the time and have the expertise to help you hear better, especially in noise. Fixing the “whistling” problem is easy. We will honor all existing warranties on your hearing aids.