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Hearing Aid Services

We Provide Better Hearing, Not Just Hearing Aids – You Can Expect to Receive:

    • Counseling from a Doctor of Audiology
    • Expert fine tuning of hearing aids to your specific needs
    • Complimentary office visits to discuss progress,how to maximize benefits from the hearing aids, communication strategies to increase better sound processing and gesture interpretation, strategic awareness of environments and maximum optimization
    • Hearing Aid Services for Adults and Children:

    • Hearing aid evaluations
    • Sales of all major brands of hearing aids including Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Starkey and Widex
    • Digital technology fittings, adjustments, and re-programming
    • Try before you buy hearing aid demos
    • Repairs on all brands of hearing aids
    • Batteries for all hearing aids and assistive devices
    • Auditory training for hearing loss including computer interactive software
    • Hearing in Noise testing for hearing aid candidates
    • Custom Ear Molds
    • Custom Swim Molds
    • Custom Ear Molds for Your iPod
    • Assistive Listening Devices for TV
  • Thinking about making a hearing aid purchase?

    Click here for information that will help you make an informed decision.

    Should a person demonstrate a hearing loss, we will discuss various options to improve hearing and/or protect hearing. These options may or may not include a hearing aid, auditory training, or assistive listening and amplification devices. Sometimes, all it takes is an understanding of the hearing loss among the person with the hearing loss and significant family members. We spend time with each patient, discussing their habitual listening lifestyles, where they are having the most difficulty (usually it’s in noisy or group listening situations) and select and program the most appropriate hearing aid circuitry to solve the problem.

    If a hearing aid is indicated, the patient will work with a doctor of audiology only, not a hearing aid technician, thereby ensuring the highest level of expertise and care. We only dispense major brand hearing aids and include 3 years of free batteries and manufacturer’s repair and 1 year of lost/stolen coverage. All adjustments, orientation, and follow-up appointments are with our doctor’s of audiology.