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It Takes Two to Talk – Hanen Program

Audiology New Jersey

Speech and Hearing Associates is excited to announce that our certified Hanen providers will be offering the It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Program is a workshop for parents of children under the age of 5 years who have been diagnosed with language delays.

Hanen Program New Jersey

This workshop consists of eight (8) two and one-half hour small group sessions led by our Hanen certified speech language pathologists. In addition, three (3) individual one-on-one sessions with parent(s), child, and SLP will be scheduled to provide family specific practice of learned skills.

This evidence-based program, which was developed by The Hanen Centre®, is well-known around the world. Studies on It Takes Two to Talk® have shown that when parents learn to use the program’s strategies, their children’s communication skills improve. Our program is a perfect complement to individual speech-language therapy and may be an effective way to address speech and language delays when speech therapy is not covered by insurance.

Hanen Program New Jersey

For more information, contact our Hanen Centre Group Coordinator at

1- 908-232-2900 Ext. 266 or [email protected]