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Dysarthria Support Group

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Dysarthria Support nj new jersey
A safe place for members to share experiences, advice, and learn compensatory strategies,  Speech and Hearing Associates’ dysarthria support group is appropriate for people who experience limited tongue, lip and jaw movement, slurred speech,  slow rate of speech or rapid rate of speech, changes in vocal quality, hoarseness or  breathiness.

The Dysarthria support group will bring together people facing similar difficulties. The group will allow members to share experiences and advice, while helping you cope better as you make connections with others facing similar challenges. The group will discuss topics associated with motor speech disorders. Group members can compare therapy goals, treatment plans, and compensatory strategies to get new ideas of what could work best for them.

For more information about Speech and Hearing Associates’ dysarthria support group, click here. To check availability of the support group, please call 201-313-5335 or fill out a contact form .