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clEAR – Auditory Training Program

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clEAR Auditory Brain Training games New Jersey

Are conversations difficult to follow?

Have you just received a new hearing aid and want
to gain the maximum benefit from using it?

Do you have problems listening in noise?

Is hearing comprehension causing you stress and annoyance?

Speech and Hearing Associates is offering a new auditory training program that uses home computerized games that will help you to improve your ability to engage in conversations. Created using a decade of research by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis, clEAR Auditory Brain Training games are easy and fun to use.

This program is for you if:

  • You have new hearing aids and you want to get the maximum benefit from using them.
  • You have a hearing loss and already wear hearing aids, but you are still experiencing listening challenges, such as when there is background noise or the talker is a female or child.
  • Your hearing is normal but you have difficulty hearing in background noise.
  • You’re not quite ready for hearing aids but you want help with your hearing challenges.

As a clEAR user, you will receive personalized coaching by our staff.  We provide you a customized lesson plan and follow your progress, giving you key coaching as you progress.  The games work on specific listening and cognitive skills. Research shows that by treating hearing loss, you can not only improve your listening performance in noise, but you can also prevent or ameliorate the cognitive decline that sometimes occurs with aging-associated with hearing loss.

ClEAR Auditory Brain Training games can be played right at home via the clEAR website on any computer or iPad that has access to the Internet. With as little as 20 minutes two times a week, you can exercise your listening skills and, if you have new hearing aids, adapt to them more quickly and effectively.

Hearing loss is unique to each person—its treatment should be too.  Call us at 800-742-7551 for more information and to see if clEAR is right for you.