Make Speech and Hearing Associates Part of Your Summer Plans!

Many children who received speech therapy in school did not get the full benefit due to school being closed and delays and complications in starting teletherapy. Speech and Hearing Associates is available to provide individual speech therapy sessions with our experienced, licensed, speech-language pathologists. We are currently conducting all session via teletherapy however we are planning for a safe re opening of our offices for in person therapy.

Below are services that you can look forward to this summer:

Individual Summer Speech Therapy

Summer and year-round services for those children whose school speech therapy ends for summer vacation.
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Fluency Groups

Groups of 5 children who stutter focusing on implementing strategies and techniques that make speech easier, help participants experience positive feedback during speaking, and encourage the development of positive emotions and attitudes about talking.
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Social Communication Groups

Personalized groups of 5 children to address pragmatic language skills.
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Phonological & Reading Skills Evaluations and Treatment

SHA offers  language-based literacy services conducted by an Orton-Gillingham certified speech language pathologist! This phonics-based reading program teaches the basics of word formation before the words themselves, directly involving all of the components of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.
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Comprehensive Audiological and Auditory Processing Evaluations

Have your child’s hearing and/or auditory processing evaluation completed during the summer months so you have your results for the upcoming school year.
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Alternative or Augmentative Communication Evaluations and Treatment (AAC)

AAC has been proven to enhance and expand language for children who are nonverbal. It is a wonderful tool to help develop foundation language skills and communicate wants and needs.
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Personal Swim Molds

These personalized custom swim molds keep the ears dry and prevent ear infections.  They come in a variety of colors.

Musician’s Hearing Protectors

Individually made custom hearing protectors prevent hearing loss from loud music, environmental noise, and other sources of sounds that can permanently damage hearing. Available for adults and children.

Noise Reduction Hearing Protectors

Swing by one of our offices for a complimentary pair of noise reduction earplugs to help reduce the potentially harmful effects of exposure to high noise levels. Available for both children and adults.


Speech therapy services are available in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Tagalong, as well as English.

Weekend Therapy

We offer speech therapy on Saturdays in several locations offered year round.


We participate with most insurance plans.  Our team of office managers and insurance specialists guide patients through the insurance maze to be sure that all covered services are identified and patients receive the benefits for which they are entitled.
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Call Speech and Hearing Associates at 1-800-742-7551 or email us at [email protected]