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Wondering if teletherapy is right for you? Enter your information below and receive a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with a speech-language pathologist .

    What is teletherapy?

    Teletherapy is a growing area of service in which patients are able to participate in services
    provided virtually by one of our skilled speech-language pathologists. Teletherapy can be an
    optimal choice for many families and individuals as quality therapy is provided through real-time
    interactions while eliminating hurdles such as distance and travel time. This service model also
    affords additional opportunities for family involvement and implementation of strategies targeted
    in treatment. Teletherapy services are conducted over secure, HIPAA compliant platforms. Our
    speech-language pathologists implement a variety of tools and interactive materials that are
    individualized to maximize patient involvement and motivation while tailored to achieve the
    client’s goals.

    Who can benefit?

    Speech and Hearing Associates offers teletherapy services to patients of all ages and a variety
    of areas including expressive and receptive language disorders, articulation and phonology
    disorders, fluency, voice disorders, social skills, auditory training, auditory and language
    processing, cognition, aphasia and more. Our skilled speech-language pathologists will
    determine if teletherapy is a good option for you and provide guidance with the next steps to
    begin teletherapy sessions.

    What tools are required for teletherapy?

    • Computer/tablet camera
    • Computer/tablet audio
    • Internet connection
    • An adult to facilitate sessions as needed

    Is it covered by insurance?

    Several insurance companies have the same coverage for teletherapy as in-office services. This
    is dependent on your specific plan and it is recommended that you contact your insurance
    regarding teletherapy coverage. All fully funded plans in New Jersey, by law, must cover teletherapy
    if in office therapy is covered.

    Tips for a successful teletherapy session:

    1. The speed of your internet connection will make a difference! Using wifi is okay, but for the
    best connection try to use a computer that is hard-wired.

    2. To get the most benefit, the virtual teletherapy sessions should be done in a quiet room (not the
    car, a restaurant or at the beach).

    3. Parents (or an adult) need to remain close by in case there are technical issues or the child
    wanders away from the computer.

    4. Log in to the teletherapy link at least 5 minutes before the session to ensure the patient receives the full
    time of their appointment.

    5. Check your email as materials might be emailed in advance of the teletherapy session or following the



    Speech & Hearing Associates remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are considered an essential healthcare practice. We will continue to provide in office services as well as telehealth services to all of our speech and audiology patients during this time.