Speech and Hearing Associates is now Hanen Certified!

Speech and Hearing Associates is now Hanen Certified! We offer programs for parents to learn how to help their children communicate. The following hints for parents and caregivers can help children learn new words during a fun activity. Remember,

The earlier in life a child with a language delay receives the extra help he needs, the better his language outcome will be.

Highlight your language while building a snowman

Help your child learn a new word while you have fun building a snowman together. You can help your child learn the word “roll” by using the Four S’s:

Say less – Use short, simple sentences so that your child doesn’t have too much information to take in at once. For example, “Let’s roll a big snowball.”

Stress – Draw your child’s attention to the important word by stressing it and pausing for a moment before and after the word. For example, “Now we need to…roll…the head of the snowman.”

Go Slow – Slow down your speech to give your child more time to understand what you are saying and to give her a chance to say something herself.

Show – Young children learn language best when they can see what you’re talking about. So make sure to use the word “roll” while you’re doing the action together. For example, “We’re rolling such a big snowball!”

And Repeat, repeat, repeat – The more often your child hears the word, the easier it will be for her to understand and remember what it means. Repeat the word in many different situations, like when you’re rolling cookie dough or when your child is rolling a ball on the floor.

The Four S’s strategy is taken from Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays .