Signs of Hearing Difficulty in Children and Adults

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans has hearing loss in at least one ear? May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and Speech and Hearing Associates would like to help you learn the facts and identify the signs of hearing difficulty.

Signs of Hearing Difficulty in Children:


  • Has a lack of attention to sounds (birth-1 year)
  • Does not respond when you call his/her name
  • Does not follow simple directions
  • Shows delays in speech and language development (birth-3 years)
  • Has difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Frequently responds with “huh?” or “what?”
  • Has difficulty achieving academically, especially in reading and math
  • Socially isolates his/herself and is unhappy in school
  • Personal listening devices set at high volume levels


Signs of Hearing Difficulty in Adults:


  • Is Inattentive
  • Complains that “everyone mumbles”
  • Sets the TV at high volume levels
  • Has trouble following conversation in noise or when two or more people are talking at the same time
  • Has problems hearing on the telephone
  • Frequently asks people to repeat
  • Avoids conversation
  • Socially isolates his/herself
  • Shows signs of depression and/or frustration
  • Complains that speech is loud enough, just not clear enough