SHA’s COVID-19 Policy

In the interest of keeping our valued staff and patients healthy and safe in
regards to the COVID-19 virus please be sure to read the following:


Hygiene Procedures

Speech and Hearing Associates has instituted several policies in addition to our usual and
typical hygiene procedures. All of our offices have received a supply of antibacterial/antiviral
spray. We will be disinfecting door knobs, light switches, tabletops, waiting rooms, and all
therapy materials on a regular basis.

Attendance Policy

We request that if you have a fever of 99 degrees or higher, that you do not come into our
office for services. During this period, we will be waiving our attendance policy (must attend at
least 75% of all scheduled therapy sessions) in the case of someone that is sick. However,
please be sure to provide us with as much advance notice as possible! We will waive the
cancellation fee; however we will not be waiving our no show fees so please be sure to let us
know if you will not be attending your therapy session.

Plan for Services

At this time our plan is to continue to provide regular services. We do have the ability to
provide therapy electronically using video and will offer this as an alternative to those of you
for whom such therapy would be appropriate.
We will be monitoring the CDC website for updates as this situation continues to evolve and
we recommend you do the same.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Speech and Hearing Associates has offices in Cliffside Park, Denville, Little Falls,
Martinsville, Metuchen, Park Ridge, Roseland, Secaucus, and Westfield