Complimentary Hearing & Speech Consultations to Celebrate May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month

In recognition of May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month, Speech and Hearing Associates will be offering the community

complimentary hearing and speech consultations throughout the month of May.

Where: Speech and Hearing Associates Avenel, Cliffside Park, Denville, Little Falls, Martinsville, Park Ridge,

Roseland, Secaucus, and Westfield locations

Why: Communicating effectively is critical to our ability to lead fulfilling lives. Difficulties with communication can occur at any life stage – infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and in our senior years.  They can include challenges with speech, language, hearing comprehensions, memory and attention.

Whatever the cause, treatment of these difficulties is essential.

Since 1969, Speech & Hearing Associates has been helping people of all ages communicate, speak and understand whether deficits are due to heredity, birth defects, drug reactions, head injury, infections, exposure to loud noise, aging, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, viral diseases, mental retardation, physical impairments, developmental delays or vocal strain. We are committed to helping people communicate effectively as it is critical to our ability to lead fulfilling lives.

How:  To schedule an appointment, please contact Speech and Hearing Associates at
1-800-742-7551 or [email protected].