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Group Therapy

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Speech and Hearing Associates is Excited to Announce

We Are Now Running Group Therapy!

Group therapy provides children with an opportunity to apply treatment strategies, learn new skills, and develop and improve friendships in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. Enrollment in one of our groups is arranged after a comprehensive speech- language evaluation with one of our speech language pathologists. A thorough evaluation is completed to determine the specific needs and goals of each individual child. If a group is recommended for your child, he or she is carefully placed in a group that best suits his/her needs according to diagnosis, level of behavioral and social strengths and weaknesses, age, and gender.

Group therapy allows our speech language pathologists to work with a child while observing how the child behaves socially with his/her peers. Through group discussions and activities, the children develop a greater awareness of how their speech and actions affect how they are perceived by their peers, and enjoy success through positive interactions and structured reinforcement. Such success promotes increased motivation and improved skills.

Each group runs once a week at a regularly scheduled time. Group members must commit to regular attendance. The fee for the group session is similar to what a shorter, individual session would cost. If insurance covers speech therapy, it will cover the therapy conducted during the group as well. For more information, or to discuss if your child would benefit from participating in one of our groups, please contact Darya Hinman at 1-800-742-7551 ext. 252.