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Speech Therapy New Jersey

VIRTUAL Auditory Training Group FAQs

Audiology New Jersey

Q: I am not very tech savvy. I am not sure if I should join the group?

A: An invitation with a link to the video meeting is emailed to you each week. All you have to do is click on the link at the time of the meeting. Someone in our office will provide you with information, written instructions on how to navigate Google Meet, and can assist you with a trial run if needed before the group starts.

Q: What are the sessions like?

A: Each week, we focus on a new topic related to your hearing difficulties. Sessions include information about the new topic, interactive exercises, and group discussions. Patients are encouraged to participate at their comfort level.

Q: What topics are covered?

A: Some previous topics have included: lipreading, strategies to repair miscommunication, self advocacy, active listening, understanding speaker and environmental factors, compensatory strategies, smartphone apps, accessories, and alerting devices. If there’s something you have questions about that’s not covered in our sessions, we encourage you to let us know!

Q: Who can join?

A: Anybody with hearing difficulties!

Q: What if I don’t wear hearing aids, can I still join the group?

A: Yes. Some patients chose not to wear a hearing aid or the audiologist does not recommend a hearing aid(s). Anybody with hearing difficulties can benefit from the program.

Q: How often does the group meet?

A: The group meets 1x /week and meets for one hour. There are 5 sessions.

Q: 2. What if I can’t attend one of the sessions?

A: We ask that you try to attend every session. If you miss a session, we will email you the information that was presented. Our last session is used to review any topics or answer questions if sessions were missed. Most patients look forward to each new week!

Q: Can I join more than once?

A: Yes- it is highly encouraged! Some individuals, after completing the sessions, wish to attend another group. Additional groups offer further discussion, advanced training and information. Groups are designed according to the hearing difficulties within each group.

Q: Do you offer individual therapy for auditory training?

A: Yes. Some patients decide they want more individualized training in specific areas pertinent to their type of hearing difficulty and/or specific hearing needs. Individual sessions are 30 minutes with a speech language pathologist.

Q: After the pandemic, will groups be offered in-office?

A: We are hoping to plan in person groups as state mandates are lifted. We will continue to follow CDC regulations.

Q: Can my spouse join?
A: Yes! We encourage caregivers or spouses to attend some of the sessions. As your frequent communication partners, we feel it is so important for them to learn strategies to better communicate with you!

Q: Is this covered by insurance?
A: Auditory group training is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

Q: Who runs the group?
A: Both an audiologist and speech language pathologist co-facilitate each meeting.