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As long as Leena Patel is with you, I’m yours! If she moves within 50 miles from her current location. I’ll follow her!

Daniel came so far in the year he was under your care that it is impossible to put into words how large of an impact you have made on his life. All of you were kind, patient, and incredibly helpful throughout this process. We can never thank you enough.
Steve (father), Kate (mother), and Daniel

I’ve been using a lot of singing and fingerplay during therapy because I noticed it is during those times that I get the most eye contact. Yesterday, he started filling in single words. His mother was able to observe that for the first time. She was completely overwhelmed with emotion and completely in tears. She thanked me endlessly. I was really touched by the mother’s gratitude and I realized that is why I do this every day—for the little moments that really matter.
Maureen SHA SLP

Dear Dr. Woods…

I can’t thank you enough for assisting my mother in getting her new hearing aids. She hears so much better.

It has made such a positive difference in her life and ours! I know she has highly recommended you to her friends. They have seen such a difference and in turn want that as well.

My mother went on and on about how nice and sweet you were to her, unlike the previous gentleman that we dealt with.

Thank you for everything, we will be in touch.
Debbie Skaar

Your therapists have done a terrific job with the children.
Renee J.

As a retired Director for the Prudential Insurance Company, your office performed a very valuable service equipping me with a pair of hearing aids. I enthusiastically endorse Speech & Hearing Associates for superior service.
Thomas A.

Speech therapy sessions have been a great help to my son. … always extends an extra effort to make each session a special time.
Michele B.

Please accept this sincere thank you for all of your help during my hearing aid travails. You and your staff have been extremely supportive and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend your people to friends or associates, should they have the need of your services.
Gail R.