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Improve the chances of success with your hearing aids like John.
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Ensure what you hear becomes what you understand.

Very friendly staff… my 2 year old son needed to have his hearing tested and the doctor was great. My son has some sensitivity issues and was scared when he went into the booth at first but she calmed him down. Overall, great experience!



Vanessa J.

My daughter was a client of Speech and Hearing Associates for about 2 years and she was seen by Holli Wasser at our home. When my daughter met Holli, it was upon being recommended by the mother of another one of Hollie’s clients in Westfield.  At this point, my daughter was devastated by the loss of her voice (vocal nodes), as this was the “one” thing she felt was something that was unique to her and was a gift after going through some very trying times while growing up….and it was taken away.  For about 3 years my daughter truly could not and then would not sing…until we found Holli.

Holli was always encouraging, positive, and for an anxious kid who pushes and expects a lot of herself, this was a great balance.  My daughter still remembers techniques that Holli taught her (I see it when she sings) and made her more self-aware about things without making her feel self-conscious…again…that takes sensitivity with my girl.  I just wanted to share as we will be moving onto college in a different state now and had a great experience with Holli and plan on visiting her when my daughter comes back from college from time to time for, we’re hoping some voice lessons now.

Patty V.

Our experience has been great! We recently switched to Speech and Hearing for my daughter and then we learned my my other daughter needed similar services. Speech and Hearing made everything nice and easy.

Lauren S.

We have been very pleased with the straightforward and effective care we receive. We are relatively new patients and could not be happier that we made the switch!

Stephanie S.

The Westfield office manager, Kaitlyn, is very friendly and courteous, promptly schedules appointments and returns phone messages.
Dr. Danielle Egan is an excellent audiologist who takes time to thoroughly test, assess, select and explain  the best hearing aid options.
Dr. Egan was extremely patient and considerate while assisting my 90 year old mother learn how to wear hearing aids for the first time.
I highly recommend the Westfield Speech and Hearing office!

Bonnie G.

My experience with SHA has been excellent. Dr Mindel is always a pleasure to work with and always helps fix what is needed with a smile.

Louis G.