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Summer Intensive Communication Program FAQs

Audiology New Jersey

Q: Who runs the groups?

A: Leading groups in our Westfield location will be Marysia Garcia, MA, CCC-SLP.


Q: What does the curriculum look like?

A: The curriculum was created by Speech and Hearing Associates using a variety of programs that focus on social language skills and pragmatics. The topics of focus include teamwork, making and keeping friends, conflict resolution, recognizing and expressing feelings, taking responsibility, making decisions, and building self-esteem. Not all groups will focus on the same topics. For each session parents will vote between two topics that their child’s group will focus on in that session. The SLP will take the topic that receives the majority vote and use that as the topic for the day. The topic not chosen will be “tossed out”, meaning the topic that is not chosen for that day will not be an option again on another day.


Q: What are the outings like?

A: Outings will take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be in office. The outings will take place at places like bowling alleys, outdoor parks, bounce gymnasiums, etc. The specific locations are to be determined. Costs associated with outings are included in the activities fee. Parents must be present for the entirety of all outings. Siblings are allowed to join on our outings but parents are responsible for any sibling costs associated with the outing. On outing days the groups will meet punctually at the outing location which will be provided in advance.


Q: Can parents drop their child off and come back to pick them up?

A: No, for both in office and out of office days parents must be present for the entirety of all sessions.


Q: Can parents sit in on sessions?

A: No, parents cannot sit in on sessions in the office due to HIPPA (privacy) laws. However, the program includes an individual child/parent 30-minute individual session with the SLP after the program’s final group session to discuss progress and experience.


Q: How long are the sessions?

A: In office sessions are 1 hour. Outings are also 1 hour.


Q: How are children placed into groups?

A: Children are placed into groups by the SLP after an initial evaluation, based on a variety of factors including age.  This initial evaluation is billed to your insurance as an evaluation.


Q: Which SHA location is this program taking place?

A: Only our Westfield location will be hosting the summer program.


*Please note: there may be an initial consult fee if you need to speak with the provider about clinical concerns prior to the evaluation.