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Speech Language Pathology Testimonials

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Speech Language Pathology Testimonials

Good evening,

Now that my time at Speech and Hearing Associates has come to an end, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for kindly opening up your doors to educate students in a welcoming and supportive environment! I was so lucky to have Liz Bornstein as a supervisor. She is an amazing teacher and clinician. She taught me so much in such a short amount of time and I could not be more grateful. I was able to work with the most spectacular caseload and bond with some incredible families. It was an internship experience that I will never forget. I left on my last day feeling like I had grown into a more confident and well-rounded clinician rather than a scared and timid student intern. I had a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughs!


Alyssa K.

Great! My son’s SLP Kristina has helped him so much with his speech. She’s amazing!

Max F.

It’s always a pleasure working with Kelly Hassler. It’s amazing to see so much improvement with my son. Thank you!

Jonathan P.

Shoshana Brody is the best speech therapist in the world. Her understanding of how to get the most out of her patients is wonderful. The office is always very accommodating and sensitive to our needs, especially where scheduling is concerned. I’m thankful for the location of this office and for the very professional and caring staff.

P. L.

We love Ms. Tara Bradshaw. She’s fabulous with my son and I can see him making some real progress. She also gives very good tips on how to work with him at home, all of which not only help my son, but me as well in dealing with the needs of my child.

Aditya M.

Our son has been going to Speech & Hearing Associates for a little over 2 months. He is making progress and looks forward to going every week! In fact he is always excited to arrive and always wants to stay longer. To me that speaks volumes! I look forward to see him progress as we continue his Speech Therapy.

S. S.



Speech & Hearing Associates remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are considered an essential healthcare practice. We will continue to provide in office services as well as telehealth services to all of our speech and audiology patients during this time.