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John Testimonial Transcript

Audiology New Jersey

Hi, my name is John. I bought my hearing aids from a big box retail store thinking I was getting a good deal, but after a few days of wearing my new hearing aids, I knew something wasn’t right. Everything was louder but not clearer, they were whistling, and they picked up the racket around me so much I couldn’t hear the person next to me. When I went back to the store where I purchased my hearing aids, I couldn’t get an appointment with the person who sold them to me; it was like he was not interested in helping me fix the issues I was having! I unsuccessfully went to two other stores trying to get my hearing aids fixed before a buddy of mine told me to go to Speech and Hearing Associates.

We regularly see patients who have had the same experience as John; their hearing wasn’t properly evaluated by a doctor of audiology and the hearing aids they were sold were not appropriate for their level of hearing loss, which often results in discomfort and frustration for the patient. You can improve the chances of success with your hearing aids by working with a provider who has an advanced education, professional training, practical experience, and follows industry best practices. Without this foundation, buying the right hearing aid can amount to guesswork.

Working with Dr. Woods was a breath of fresh air. Not only was she able get me an appointment right away, she listened to all of my concerns and took her time addressing each issue. She corrected the fit of my hearing aids and made sure sounds were at a comfortable level for me. She was able to program them in a way that helped me in situations I would normally have.

Will some patients claim that the big box store hearing aid “sounds great?” Sure, but how much greater might it sound if properly fit, based on a solid assessment of the auditory system. You paid a lot of money for your hearing aids. Make sure they’re working the way they should and adjusted to your specific hearing needs.

I am so happy that I found Speech and Hearing Associates. It is clear that they are experts in diagnosing hearing loss, selecting the proper hearing aids for your individual needs, and providing the aftercare and management that hearing aids require.

Visit our website or call one of our nine offices for more information. We accept Medicare and all major insurance plans, and are eager to help you improve your hearing and communication.