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Announcing SHA’s Summer Literacy Program!

Meaghan Sica, our Orton-Gillingham certified speech language pathologist is holding a 4-week summer literacy program starting this July! The 4-week hour long small group program will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from:

  • July 5th-July 28th
  • August 2nd – August 25th
  • Morning, evening, virtual, and in-person sessions are available
  • Groups will be organized by age and reading skill level

Learning To Read Groups will be for younger children and will focus on developing the basic foundation for phonological awareness and printed language involving: learning syllabic concepts, decoding and segmentation of sounds, and building receptive language skills pertinent for comprehension. Reading To Learn Groups will be for older children and will sharpen phonological awareness and literacy skills to adequately complete listening and reading comprehension tasks, along with improving understanding of story elements related to: analyzing, visualizing, predicting, summarizing, making connections, and inferring written language.

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Summer Literacy Program FAQs