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Auditory Training Metuchen, NJ

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Auditory Training Metuchen

When wearing hearing aids, do you:
• Hear but not “understand?”
• Say “huh” or “what?”
• Struggle to remember what someone just said to you?
• Have trouble “keeping up” or think others talk too fast?

Wearing hearing aids is the first step to better hearing:

Even the most state-of-the-art hearing aids can’t always solve all hearing difficulties on their own. To help “keep up” during noisy situations, conversations, and while watching TV, our patients have found that short-term auditory training has added to the benefits of the hearing aids and has significantly improved overall communication.

The professionals at Speech and Hearing Associates provide an individualized program of strategies and exercises to retrain the brain and make communication successful and enjoyable; we work on skills that are patient and family centered.

Through Auditory Training and Rehabilitation, we set goals and teach compensatory strategies to:

Auditory Training Metuchen

• Understand and manage your hearing loss.
• Increase the ability to process, understand, and recall rapid speech.
• Help improve speech understanding in noise or other challenging listening environments.
• Learn or improve lip reading skills
• Assess difficult listening situations and modify environments for better communication.
• Develop strategies with family members to make communication easier.
• Educate others about your hearing loss and listening needs.

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