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Audiology Services in Denville, NJ

Audiology New Jersey

Audiology Services Denville

Our diagnostic audiology services are designed for children and adults ranging in age from “new-born” to “mature.” Unlike other commercial hearing aid and audiology centers, our audiologists are expert in evaluating children and adults whose hearing is difficult to assess due to various neurological, developmental, or other conditions.

We successfully assess the hearing of children on the autism spectrum, with pervasive developmental disability, Downs Syndrome and various other conditions. We receive referrals from developmental pediatricians, otoneurologists, pediatricians, neurologists, otolaryngologists, and over 70 school districts. We work closely with the NJ Division of Disability Determinations, NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Spectrum for Living. Many of our adult patients have hearing loss due to a lifetime of recreational and/or occupational noise exposure, the natural aging process (presbycusis), head trauma, or other diseases or injuries. In addition to assessing the function of the peripheral auditory system (outer, middle, and inner ear) we routinely assess (central) auditory processing ability. Our audiology services include (central) auditory processing assessment, educational audiology, evoked potential testing, forensic audiology, comprehensive peripheral auditory evaluation (including air/bone pure tone thresholds, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions testing, signal to noise assessment, speech discrimination testing, comfortable and uncomfortable loudness measurement), infant hearing screening, and occupational audiology.

Our Denville office is located on Route 10.

Denville NJ is not the only community we serve, we also provide audiology services for all of Morris County including but not limited to:

  • Speech and Audiology services for Parsippany Troy-Hills NJ
  • Speech and Audiology services for Succasunna NJ
  • Speech and Audiology services for Randolph NJ
  • Speech and Audiology services for Flanders NJ

Audiology Denville NJ Audiologists Audiologist

Our Denville office also provides services for:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Speech Therapy
  • Auditory Processing Evaluations
  • Hearing Tests
  • Auditory Training

For appointments and/or information, call (973) 664-6990

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