Melinda Sheehan: Selected as a 2018 Kids’ Favorite Doc

Shout-out to Melinda Sheehan who has been named a 2018 Kids’ Favorite Doc!

Melinda worked as a first grade teacher for six years, where she obtained her Master of Arts in Education and Teacher of Students with Disabilities certification. She decided she wanted to hone her skill set and become more specialized. Melinda graduated from Seton Hall University, with a Master in Science in Speech-Language Pathology and was awarded “Outstanding All-Around Student” for both clinical and academic excellence as well as being inducted into the Alpha Eta honor society. Melinda Sheehan

Melinda is a strong proponent of using functionally based activities within her therapy to promote skill generalization, communication and independence. Melinda views each child as a whole and collaborates with all disciplines to en-sure the child’s needs are being met.

Melinda, we are so glad to have you as part of the SHA family.