Fireworks Can Cause Hearing Loss On The Fourth Of July

To prevent hearing loss due to noise, keep your children a safe distance away from fireworks.  If you can’t avoid some of the noise, make sure you and your children are using hearing protection (ear plugs).

Sometimes with fireworks as well as loud concerts, the listener can experience temporary hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) which will resolve over hours. However, noise from fireworks and loud concerts can also cause permanent sensorineural hearing loss. Unfortunately,  sensorineural hearing loss is permanent and can have an educationally handicapping effect.

Each year, during July, Speech and Hearing Associates sees too many children who have suffered hearing loss and tinnitus due to being exposed to loud fire works, celebrating the 4th of July.

Plain cotton in the place of ear plugs will not sufficiently dampen the noise.  Pick up hearing protectors at a drug store or drop by one of our offices for free pairs of hearing protectors for you and your children.