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Improve the chances of success with your hearing aids like John.
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Ensure what you hear becomes what you understand.

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Dr. Woods,

I sent Seth M., a recent stroke patient, to your office this week and he raved about your services.

Thank you!
Dr. J. D.
Internal Medicine

I wanted someone who truly understands central auditory processing disorders and can do a thorough evaluation considering all of my son’s deficiencies and strengths.  He is so smart and can be tricky. I asked many people who they would recommend and went with you based on recommendations from my friend and OT, and the SLP that treats my son.

Megan W.

What a difference a couple of months make! I wanted to send to you a quick note of thanks for all your help in getting me acclimated to my new hearing aids.
I know it was a “rough start”, as there were a number of settings that were not in sync with my personal needs. However, your persistence has paid off, as I am now generally quite happy with the performance of my hearing aids. 
My customer satisfaction is in large part due to your expertise, persistence and passion. You obviously know the products you offer, and you appear to have a great willingness to understand more about what products are being offered and the purpose they serve.
I personally appreciate your persistence; your frequent inquiries as to what about my hearing aids is working and what is not is something I have never experienced working with (now 5) different audiologists.
The combination of a strong product and an inquiring mind (yours) has given me the best chance of succeeding (sometimes I feel like it is surviving) in the corporate world.
I also am pleased with the receiver I wear around my neck, which has greatly assisted me with both my cell phone and when watching television.
Finally, I want to thank you for the passion you have for your work. At a point of great frustration with both my hearing and the lack of solutions perceived to be available to me, your passion for finding the right answer for me was huge in getting me to try another product. Although expensive, your efforts have sold me on the solution.

Thanks for all your help.
Steve P.

Dr. Stoller highly recommended your office and having no experience in the matter, we trusted her choice.
Julia C.

When I called to inquire, the office manager was very prompt, caring, and explained in detail the process. I felt comfortable and even more at the evaluation because the therapist was very patient, caring, and took her time with everything.
Stephanie B.

I really liked the feeling I got here – caring and professional. I felt they would be able to give my daughter the best help possible.
Julia M.

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