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Improve the chances of success with your hearing aids like John.
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Ensure what you hear becomes what you understand.

I have been a patient of Dr. Livelli’s for over 10 years. I have always found her to be competent, professional, thorough, caring an personable. I recommend her highly for hearing evaluations and the fitting of hearing aids. I have also been very satisfied with Speech and Hearing Associates, including the current Office Manager, Jacqueline.

Thank you for everything,

Ann S.

I’m not surprised Melissa was nominated at a 2018 New Jersey Kids’ Favorite Doc! Easy choice as far as we’re concerned!!! Melissa has been nothing less than spectacular with our son both in his speech and social skills! Thank You Melissa!!!! Congratulations!

Edwin M.

Dr. Woods really took time to understand and diagnose my child. We have had many providers over the years and she is one of the most thorough and thoughtful people I have ever worked with. Our case was a bit unique, and required carefully assessing the medical history coupled with the testing; Dr Wood did a fantastic job and wrote an exceptionally thoughtful and detailed report to help everyone understand. Now we know what is going on, and we can do something about it.

Julie S.

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to you and express my sincere gratitude towards Gail Zanzalari. My son has been receiving speech therapy twice a week in the Park Ridge office since the fall of 2017. My insurance has been a bit troublesome, beginning with his early intervention services. As you can only imagine I have spent countless hours on the phone with BCBS trying to resolve this. Working with Gail has been a pleasure. She is a true advocate for all the patients at speech and hearing. She walked me through the entire process making sure that I understood exactly what needed to be done. She was always on point and responded quickly to myself as well as the insurance company. This situation has been quite trying and if I was not working with Gail I can only imagine how the insurance company may have “bullied me” into paying out of pocket for services that are indeed covered. No matter how many times BCBS requests paper work from Gail she sends them, again and again. I cannot express enough my sincere gratitude for Gail. I only wish other parents in similar situations have the opportunity to work with such a knowledge, caring, persistent individual.

My sincere appreciation,

Sarah and Shawn S.

I chose Speech and Hearing Associates because my sister is a school  nurse and several of her students have had success with Speech and Hearing Associates for speech therapy treatment. Another sister recommended it as well as my nephew had successful treatment with Speech and Hearing Associates.

Michael H.

I had a great experience at Speech and Hearing Associates. The audiologist was very helpful with selecting and instructing me on hearing aids and the office manager was very responsive with scheduling and communicating with me.  I would highly recommend this facility.

John H.