Speech & Hearing Testimonials

Speech And Hearing Associates’ review and testimonial from Marion LaMaire at our Martinsville location describes her experience with hearing loss.


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I chose your practice for my child because I am a pediatric neuropsychologist and have worked with families that use your practice and recommend it.
Dr. A

Wanted to say thank you for your efforts on my daughter’s behalf. They are truly appreciated. She is now happy … you really did work tirelessly on her behalf. Thank You
Dori Y.

Dear Alex,

On behalf of the Lifestyle Department, we would like to thank you for  your time during the hearing screenings. We also appreciate the additional staff you brought on site.

Warm Regards,
The Woodland Park Four Seasons Lifestyle Team

Dear Dr. Woods and Egan,
I can hear! I can hear!
I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you all for your help in bringing my left ear back to life. As I was driving to work after getting fitted for the hearing aid, I put on my directional to make a turn and began to hear a click,click,click. For a second I was puzzled as to what that noise was………… until I realized it was the clicking from the turn signal, which I haven’t heard in ages!!!

Working on the phone is certainly less of a strain and watching TV, without having to adjust the volume back and forth, is much more enjoyable.

I’ll see you if ( or when) my right ear might need some assistance.

With warm regards,
Tom M.

Dr. Woods,

Thank you so much for every ounce of the professional, caring attention you gave my Mom today. I can see why she speaks so very highly of you. My siblings will be grateful to hear that there’s no change and Mom’s still holding her own. You have a wonderful way with your patients and I can see your passion for what you do. My mom and all your other patients are blessed by having you as their audiologist.
Many, many thanks!

Best always, Melanie S.
Rita’s youngest daughter.

Not only did you shed light on what Auditory Processing Disorders are and how it might manifest itself in young children, your passion and dedication to your work was also clearly evident, as well as the importance of focusing on the young child. Our staff now feels comfortable recommending you to our parents, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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