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Speech Therapy New Jersey


Audiology New Jersey

Improve the chances of success with your hearing aids like John.
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Ensure what you hear becomes what you understand.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Professional, and great communication.

Samantha B.

Leena Patel was a very good instructor. She was patient, understanding, and kind. I would recommend her to anyone.

Dorothy W.

Your audiologist, Leena Patel is a pleasure to work with and a major reason I keep coming back.

Ethelyn G.

I would describe me experience as absolutely wonderful! Michele is a master audiologist and has helped more than I can describe. And Erica is amazing, runs things so efficiently!

Susan F.

The person that I spoke to on the phone was very helpful where as other places just told me to contact my insurance and get info from them which I had done anyway but I’ve worked at a doctors office and know that doctors are able to get way more information than the actual subscriber.  It was very frustrating until I called you guys.

Noemia R.

Speech and Hearing Associates is professional and informative. The audiologist took time to explain testing, results, and options to consider to improve hearing results.

Bruce A.