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Audiology New Jersey
27 Aug

Bruce A.

Speech and Hearing Associates is professional and informative. The audiologist took time to explain testing, results, and options to consider to improve hearing results. Bruce A.

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17 Aug

Sandy L

From making an appointment with Julie Roca (Office Manager) and my examination with Leena Patel (Audiologist) the kindness and professional treatment was excellent. I would recommend Speech and Hearing Associates to anyone. Sandy L.

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16 Aug

Allison F.

My ENT, Dr. K. referred me. I saw one of your speech-language pathologists specializes in voice issues with singers. She was the right fit for me. Allison F.

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16 Aug

Marshall K.

I have been hearing impaired for many years and have dealt with many hearing aid providers along the way. I came by Dr. Susan Woods, AuD through a recommendation from a woman with severe hearing loss who was very difficult to fit for an aid. Dr. Wood worked with her through all her difficulty and

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16 Aug

Mohammad A.

Speech and Hearing Associates (SHA) is, in my opinion, the best source for speech therapy in New Jersey. Their Speech-Language pathologists are top notch and easily accessible throughout the state and one can easily find a practitioner skilled in either pediatric or adult cases. Special props go to SHA’s billing department and insurance-wranglers. Insurance coverage

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15 Aug

Linda C.

I chose Speech and Hearing Associates because my son’s speech therapist highly recommended them.  I heard that their practice is very accurate, thorough and meticulous when conducting the test as well as the written report.” Linda C.

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14 Aug

Stephen S.

I would like to share with whoever is seeking a professional and highly skilled Audiologist my endorsement of Dr. Jennifer Livelli with Speech & Hearing Associates in Little Falls. Dr. Livelli epitomizes the word ‘professional’. She is very knowledgeable, communicates very well, and carefully listened to my concerns. I am 74 years-old, and have a

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16 Jul

Ann S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Livelli’s for over 10 years. I have always found her to be competent, professional, thorough, caring an personable. I recommend her highly for hearing evaluations and the fitting of hearing aids. I have also been very satisfied with Speech and Hearing Associates, including the current Office Manager, Jacqueline.

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12 Jul

Edwin M.

I’m not surprised Melissa was nominated at a 2018 New Jersey Kids’ Favorite Doc! Easy choice as far as we’re concerned!!! Melissa has been nothing less than spectacular with our son both in his speech and social skills! Thank You Melissa!!!! Congratulations! Edwin M.

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06 Jul

Julie S.

Dr. Woods really took time to understand and diagnose my child. We have had many providers over the years and she is one of the most thorough and thoughtful people I have ever worked with. Our case was a bit unique, and required carefully assessing the medical history coupled with the testing; Dr Wood did

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