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Speech Therapy New Jersey

Continuing Education

Audiology New Jersey

Continuing Education

Our doctors of audiology and speech language pathologists also provide:

Workshops and Consultations:

  • Presentations to school based parent groups of children with special needs
  • Consultation with school Child Study Team members and teachers
  • Educational presentations to civic and senior groups

Speech and Hearing Associates’ professional staff is available to provide consultations, workshops, and seminars to teachers, parents, and community groups. We are an approved provider of continuing education for the NJ Department of Education.

We have been invited to speak at over 100 school districts on topics including:

  • classroom management of children with hearing loss and central auditory processing disorder
  • the use of FM systems in the classroom,
  • the relationship between auditory and language processing,
  • classroom acoustics
  • signs of central auditory processing disorder,
  • how to advocate for children with auditory disorder.

In addition, we have been invited to speak to parent organizations, preschools, and at library programs on topics related to:

  • Typical speech and language development,
  • red flags for communication problems,
  • Language development of bilingual and bicultural children.

We have also been invited to give workshops to government groups such as the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and to speak at group meetings of organizations such as AARP, Lions, Elks, various Senior Center and Assistive Living facilities on topics including:

  • What causes hearing loss?
  • What is this ringing in my ears?
  • What kind of hearing aid is best for you?
  • What you can do to improve hearing without a hearing aid,
  • The most expensive hearing aid is not always the best,
  • When is one hearing aid just as good as two,
  • How to control your listening environment to make listening easier.

We are committed to providing education and community outreach; consequently for presentations and consultations up to 3 hours, there is no charge.

SHA has been invited to present at state and national association meetings, including the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, New Jersey Speech Language and Hearing Association, New Jersey Academy of Audiology, and New Jersey Chapter of the Dyslexia Association of America.