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Bonnie Zane

Office Manager – Park Ridge


Bonnie Zane is the Office Manager at Speech and Hearing Associates’ Park Ridge office. She attended Ohio State University and graduated Brooklyn College with a BA in English Literature and a Minor in Education and Speech. She has taken advanced courses at NYU.

Her career has taken her from the field of teaching (New York City) to publishing (Harper & Row Publishers, The New York Times and Fairchild Publications), and most recently, she has been engaged in administration and office management at law firms, and consulting corporations.

Bonnie has been actively involved in community affairs (County Committeewoman, League of Women Voters), and has been a candidate for The Board of Education. Her entire career has been client-oriented, and she has been heavily involved, administratively, in human resource and customer service functions.

As Office Manager, Bonnie is involved in all aspects of running the office. This includes coordinating with therapists and physicians, scheduling appointments, tracking insurance coverage, sending out reports and making sure that patients’ needs are met.