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Diagnostic Hearing Services for Adults

Audiology New Jersey

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    Our Personalized Approach to Hearing Correction Has Resulted in SHA Having One of The Highest Satisfaction Rates in The Country

    At Speech and Hearing Associates, we use a customized approach to address your specific needs. Our comprehensive treatment includes the following 5 steps.

    1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

    First, we sit down with you and your frequent communication partner to better understand:

    • Your hearing challenges
    • Your conversation habits
    • Your environment and lifestyle

    This initial consultation is crucial for determining the most appropriate hearing loss solution moving forward.

    2. Real-World Diagnostic Testing

    Thereafter, we run a series of diagnostic tests:

    • Traditional hearing test battery- pure tones, speech recognition, and bone conduction
    • Speech or word recognition in background noise

    We run these tests in both quiet and noisy environments to simulate the real world. Nearly all hearing aids work well in calm situations, but real-world testing allows us to pinpoint the exact cause of your hearing challenges and how best to address them.

    3. Hearing Aid Selection

    adult diagnostic hearing services nj new jersey
    Based on the above tests, the next step is our functional hearing evaluation. As we carefully guide you through the selection process, we explain the pros and cons of each manufacturer’s design.

    These recommendations are based on the severity and type of hearing loss. We also factor in your lifestyle, communication goals, and budget. Just as with our diagnostic testing, this selection process uses real-world simulations to help determine how your hearing aids will perform in noisy environments like restaurants and family gatherings.

    4. Hearing Aid Fitting and Customization

    On your next visit, we start the hearing aid fitting process. This includes fine-tuning your hearing aid based on real-time feedback from both you and your frequent communication partner.

    In many ways, proper programming of your hearing aid is more important than the actual device itself. This is why our fitting and customization also includes:

    • Speech map testing

    And again, all of this is done in both quiet and noisy environments to ensure you receive the best results possible. Moreover, we encourage you to “test drive” your hearing aids for 2 weeks to see how they really perform.
    However, our treatment plan doesn’t stop there. There’s one final step – and it’s arguably the most important.

    5. Auditory Training Exercises

    Even a mild hearing loss can change the physical composition of the brain as new neural pathways are created. This is why audiologists must frequently retune hearing aids over time.

    But through auditory training, it’s possible to:

    • Strengthen weakened areas and form new neural pathways.
    • Improve your hearing and how you process sound.

    In fact, these training exercises are essential for long-term results. At Speech and Hearing Associates, this training focuses on 3 key skills:

    • 1. Auditory memory
    • 2. Sound processing speeds
    • 3. The ability to distinguish fine sounds

    To help you master these areas, we use clEAR – a computer-based auditory training game that evolves to address your specific needs. With real-time feedback and ongoing monitoring by your audiologist, clEAR delivers measurable results to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

    Ready to Take the Next Step?

    To learn more about our comprehensive approach to hearing loss correction, hearing aid selection, and auditory training, contact us at 800-742-7551 for a complimentary consultation.

    Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations That Include:

    adult diagnostic hearing services nj new jersey

    Central Auditory Processing Evaluations (CAP):

    This evaluation includes a series of tests to determine how well a person processes, or does, with what he or she hears. Tests of auditory processing are designed to simulate listening tasks encountered in the real world. These tests stress the auditory system by distorting, degrading, filtering or time altering the speech signal.

    Tinnitus Evaluation:

    This evaluation includes matching the perceived tinnitus to externally produced sound such as pure tones and narrow-band noise.  The match is made for both the pitch of the sound and the loudness of the sound.  Administration of the Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire is also part of the tinnitus evaluation. Our audiologists are trained to work with the Levo System, a device that is shown to have a dramatic effect at improving tinnitus and quality of life.

    Workers Compensation Hearing Examinations:

    This is basically a forensic evaluation conducted to determine if a hearing loss and/or tinnitus exists and if so whether the loss may be related to noise exposure and/or head trauma related to the person’s workplace.  In conjunction with Workers Compensation hearing evaluations, Speech and Hearing Associates provides expert testimony in Workers Compensation courts.

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