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Speech Therapy New Jersey

Diagnostic Hearing Services for Adults

Audiology New Jersey

adult hearing services

Services include:


Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations:


Central Auditory Processing Evaluations (CAP):  

  • This evaluation includes a series of tests to determine how well a person processes, or does, with what he or she hears. Tests of auditory processing are designed to simulate listening tasks encountered in the real world. These tests stress the auditory system by distorting, degrading, filtering or time altering the speech signal.


Tinnitus Evaluation:

  • This evaluation includes matching the perceived tinnitus to externally produced sound such as pure tones and narrow band noise.  The match is made for both the pitch of the sound and the loudness of the sound.  Administration of the Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire is also part of the tinnitus evaluation.
  • Our audiologists are trained to work with the Levo System, a device that is shown to have a dramatic effect at improving tinnitus and quality of life.


Workers Compensation Hearing Examinations:

  • This is basically a forensic evaluation conducted to determine if a hearing loss and/or tinnitus exists and if so whether the loss may be related to noise exposure and/or head trauma related to the person’s workplace.  Inconjuction with these evaluations, Speech and Hearing Associates provides expert testimony in Workers Compensation courts.
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