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Group Therapy Testimonials

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Group Therapy Testimonials

The relationships made in this stuttering group are so special. Thank you for everything that you do!! My son loved playing the game and talked about it at dinner. This group is the best thing we ever did for his speech. Thank you for taking the time to talk about the mental health component of stuttering. He is gaining so much from this time. Thank you so much!

Gavin R.

My experience with SHA and auditory training has been absolutely perfect! Communication is excellent as to quality and clarity of content, accuracy, relevance, helpfulness and most pleasant process made for my eagerness to continue.

Marvin F.

Great speech therapists; they are very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. The sessions are fun (both speech and social skills!). Ms Melissa is very energetic, positive and happy person that is why my son loves to come to social skills session as he can interact with his new friends plus at the same time learn important skills in a fun way! We love this place!

Marlena P.

This summer social skills program was a dynamic program.  A very comprehensive program, meeting each child’s individual needs. Engaging each child  with a variety of sensory, social and educational activities.  High expectations for each child pricked my interest with this program. This program/professionals focus on each child as a group and individually with a goal of  reaching his/her highest potential. Highly recommend this program/service.

Donna L.

What can I say about Speech and Hearing Associates? Not just that the staff is super professional starting from the receptionist at the front desk and them you come to what you think it’s a “regular speech session” then you find Ms. Melissa Silva recommendation of course” what an exceptional speech session. From the first session you see the passion she has for her professional and how much her heart is there for those kids. Melissa is great in communication with the parents and with my kid’s speech therapist in school. She calls talks to her to make sure they are in same page also share what she been working with my son along with how he is doing with her. I can’t be happier with her. I tell all my friends about Melissa. My son normally has a little hard time to go places where he know he has to work but as soon as I say we going to see Ms. Melissa he can’t get his shoes fast enough. We also highly recommend social skills group with her. Melissa is a blessing in my son’s life and we will be with her as long as he needs it.

Lay B.

First of all, thanks to Michelle and Laura for putting the auditory training group together. This wasn’t something I knew existed before I got the email telling people about it. I have been partially deaf for most of my life (about 27 years and I’m now 32). I grew up in a fully hearing family, and I was taken to an ENT periodically but was never given extra support growing up or really sought out resources for dealing with my hearing loss (aside from hearing aids) as an adult until a few months ago.

I have mostly gone through life thinking I just had to try harder to hear better and that I should just be able to do it naturally. It is also pretty validating to see that it does take more effort to hear when you have hearing loss as I can find it exhausting to communicate with people in person sometimes!

I liked the format of the group. Being able to log in virtually made it accessible to me since I didn’t have to worry about missing any work. I liked that each session had a different theme with different tips. I definitely learned some new things.


Jeanne C.



Speech & Hearing Associates remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are considered an essential healthcare practice. We will continue to provide in office services as well as telehealth services to all of our speech and audiology patients during this time.