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Group Therapy Testimonials

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Group Therapy Testimonials

Great speech therapists; they are very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. The sessions are fun (both speech and social skills!). Ms Melissa is very energetic, positive and happy person that is why my son loves to come to social skills session as he can interact with his new friends plus at the same time learn important skills in a fun way! We love this place!

Marlena P.

Thank you so much for running such a wonderful program. Nicky had so much fun at “speech camp” and I learned more than I could have hoped for in just two weeks. Your enthusiasm, kindness, and hard work are so very appreciated. Hope you enjoy the last bit of summer! We’ll miss you!

Natalie D.

Our son has taken speech therapy with Mrs. Melissa since he was just over 3 years old and for the last year he’s been in her social skills class. Today he “Graduated” and while we will miss Mrs. Melissa (and the staff), we are so proud of how far he’s come. Mrs.Melissa has been nothing short of phenomenal. She worked along with our son’s school speech teacher to make sure he was getting the best most effective lesson’s to help him along. The last year has taught him how to socialize and express himself to better communicate and interact with others and has really helped him “open up” and be a better boy. The staff always made us feel welcomed and will never hesitate to recommend Speech and Hearing to any of our Family or Friends! Thank You!!

Ana M.

I’m not surprised Melissa was nominated at a 2018 New Jersey Kids’ Favorite Doc! Easy choice as far as we’re concerned!!! Melissa has been nothing less than spectacular with our son both in his speech and social skills! Thank You Melissa!!!! Congratulations!

Edwin M.

What can I say about Speech and Hearing Associates? Not just that the staff is super professional starting from the receptionist at the front desk and them you come to what you think it’s a “regular speech session” then you find Ms. Melissa Silva recommendation of course” what an exceptional speech session. From the first session you see the passion she has for her professional and how much her heart is there for those kids. Melissa is great in communication with the parents and with my kid’s speech therapist in school. She calls talks to her to make sure they are in same page also share what she been working with my son along with how he is doing with her. I can’t be happier with her. I tell all my friends about Melissa. My son normally has a little hard time to go places where he know he has to work but as soon as I say we going to see Ms. Melissa he can’t get his shoes fast enough. We also highly recommend social skills group with her. Melissa is a blessing in my son’s life and we will be with her as long as he needs it.

Lay B.

Excellent staff and program!

Kimberly R.