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Custom Ear Molds

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In the field of hearing health, an earmold is a custom-made item that performs particular functions based on the user’s needs. The most popular applications are for either amplification or protection against sound. The earmold itself usually is inanimate, with no power supply or controls. If one were to look at it, it would look like a tiny plug that perfectly fits into the wearer’s ear canal.

The size and shape of an earmold depend on many factors, including the anatomy of the wearer’s ear canal, the earmold’s purpose, and how tightly the earmold must seal the wearer’s ear canal. Since each person’s ear is different, the shape of the personalized earmold must match the shape of the wearer’s ear to fit comfortably and securely into the ear canal.

Protective devices that suppress sound appear to be fuller and can fill most of the lower external ear. Since the purpose of a protective earmold is to establish a solid acoustic seal for the wearer, thereby shielding them from damaging levels of noise, there isn’t much deviation from this design.

Hearing aids and hearing protection are the most common applications for custom earmolds that we provide here at Speech & Hearing Associates.

Customized Earmolds for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids with a custom earpiece guide the amplified sound generated by the hearing aid straight into your ear canal. Earmolds are often used in conjunction with BTE hearing aids. A BTE hearing aid is worn behind the ear and sends sound through a thin, flexible tube to the earmold.

There are many advantages of using a personalized hearing aid:

  • Less feedback: A form-fitting earmold provides a more secure airtight seal in the ear than a generic earpiece, eliminating feedback.
  • Stable: Each curve and contour of your ear is used to secure the earmold in place, which helps keep the hearing aid more stable in the ear.
  • Less occlusion: Occlusion occurs when a person’s ears become “stuffy.” and sounds like you’re underwater. With suitable filters, custom earmolds will reduce this effect.

We can make custom earmolds for almost any type of hearing aid. For the best match, we customize your earmold to the size of your hearing aid, its power level, and your comfort preferences.

Earmolds for Custom Hearing Protection

Noise pollution is an increasing health risk that can be found almost anywhere. Our streets are filled with noise from car alarms, leaf blowers, sirens, construction, and traffic jams. Continuous or prolonged exposure to high-intensity sound may eventually result in acoustic damage to the ear. Hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and mild dizziness are also possible side effects of this damage, as well as non-auditory effects, including increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Custom earmolds offer the best protection against high-pitched sounds. Their snug fit can also help avoid conditions like Swimmer’s Ear and protect the eardrums from damage caused by excessive exposure to loud noises. They can also improve the acoustics of your surroundings, allowing you to hear your streaming device, headphones, or other devices more clearly in noisy environments.

Earmolds are used regularly in various industries and are used by everyone, from broadcasters and heavy machinery operators to police officers and first responders.

We offer the following forms of custom-fit hearing protection:

  • Swimmers: These work by preventing water from getting into your ears, preventing ear infections.
  • Musicians: A filter allows this earmold to only let in specific frequencies, allowing the music volume to be reduced for comfort.
  • Hunters: These use small acoustic filters to allow for more delicate sounds while also protecting against sudden gunshot sounds.

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We have bespoke earmold solutions to suit your needs, whether you need hearing protection or a better fit for your hearing aids. Contact us today to discuss the best option for you.