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Speech Therapy New Jersey

Assisted and Independent Living Services

Audiology New Jersey

Independent Living Services

Audiology, Speech and Hearing Aid Services for Assisted and Independent Living Services


  • An information session with residents and family members about different types of hearing loss and its impact on communication, as well as treatment for the different types of hearing loss (no charge).


  • An in house information session for staff members about how to better communicate with residents that have difficulties hearing, and how to care for hearing devices (no charge).
  • Hearing screening for residents (no charge).

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

  • Speech and Hearing Associates has the ability to bring portable equipment to test residents that have concerns about their hearing abilities and/or fail the hearing screening (covered by Medicare).

Hearing Aid Repair, Clean and Check

  • Speech and Hearing Associates can provide hearing aid repair services to residents, as well as clean their hearing aids and consult with residents and families on purchasing new hearing aids if needed.

Scheduled Visits By An Audiologist

  • If there is sufficient demand, Speech and Hearing Associates can arrange to visit your facility on a monthly basis to provide all services outlined above. All services are provided by licensed and certified doctors of audiology. We do not employ hearing aid dealers.

Speech, Language and Swallowing: Consultations, Assessments and Treatment

  • Services are provided by Speech and Hearing Associates’ state licensed, nationally certified speech-language pathologists who have  extensive experience working with  dysphagia, apraxia, aphasia and dysarthria. Assessments and treatment are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.